Accelerated Reader: A Beginners Guide

Accelerated Reader is a system used in many schools throughout the UK to foster independent reading. It allows teachers to monitor reading and development practices in pupils and provides tools to ascertain reading levels, reading ages and comprehension levels.

Pupils read a book, take an online quiz and get immediate feedback.

Books are broken down by Interest Level according to content and themes

  • Lower Years, ages 5–8
  • Middle Years, ages 9–13
  • Middle Years+, ages 12 and above
  • Upper Years, age 14 and above

And by Book Level, according to the difficulty of the text. Book levels range from 0.5 to 13.5

As a parent you should be ensuring that children are reading to both their interest level and their book level.

Every book that has an AR Reading Practice Quiz is given a points value. Points are based on the length of the book. Pupils earn a percentage of points according to how well they pass the quiz.

You can find more information about accelerated reader here

Where possible I will tag children’s books with both the Interest Level, Book Level and Points available