Let’s Talk Bookish – Have you ever considered quitting blogging?

Posted June 3, 2022 by louisesr in Review / 1 Comment

Oh if ever there was a question that was meant for me then this was it!! Not only did I consider quitting. I did quit. For about 8 years.

I used to run a blog called BookBliss, I had to for around 3 years and I did really enjoy posting to it but I found the whole WordPress side of things really difficult and I could never get it to do what I wanted. I got so frustrated that I hated the look of it and doing the maintenance side of blogging (such as setting up the archives, doing back ups and anything like that) was so time consuming that I just lost heart and gave up, especially when I could never get it to look “professional” (I know this is a hobby but i have standards and want my blog to look good).

Fast forward to now and I’m back. I have Nose Graze doing the hosting for me, they supply my theme, the Ultimate Book Blogger plug in and they do all the updates. I literally come in here and create posts and publish them. There is so little additional work that needs to be done as they have formatted my main posts for book reviews, the menu’s for archives are set up by them and automatically updated when I post, they have shortcodes set up for so many things that my blogging life is so easy. I can concentrate on writing posts and engaging with other blogs. I love it!


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