May 2022 Wrap Up

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I’ve posted 16 reviews in here this month. Not all of the books I’ve read but I find reviewing books so much more difficult than reading them! If there’s any of them that you’ve missed then you can find the links to them below

I’ve managed to read a grand total of 21 books this month, equating to 8121 pages! This month has been a really good reading month, there hasn’t been any books which I DNF’d and there have been a lot of 4+ stars.

Although it’s showing as it taking an average of 7 days to finish a book, obvously I wouldn’t have managed to read 21 books if they took this long! These figures were skewed by 2 books – 22 Seconds by James Patterson and The Vanished Days by Susanna Kearsley both of which took me a couple of weeks to get through as I was only reading the odd chapter at a time. The majority of books were read in 1-2 days.

No surprise that I read predominantly thrillers this month, this is definitely where I naturally gravitate to, although I have been drawn to romance and literary fiction a little bit more recently.

My favourite read this month was Lesson’s In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. Honestly, everyone should read this book! I’m going to be reviewing it in June, I’m not sure anything I say about it can do it justice.

How was your reading month?


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  1. Wow, you had a great reading month, Louise. I am on the list at my library for Lesson’s In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus, but it will be a while before I get to the top of that list.

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