Reasons To Go Outside Extract

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Reasons To Go Outside ExtractReasons To Go Outside by Esme King
Published by Hachette UK on May 26, 2022
Genres: Women's
Pages: 368
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Pearl Winter hasn't been outside in forty-three years.

Since she arrived on Dartmoor as a girl, an isolated family cottage has been her whole world. A place of safety. But now fifty-nine-year-old Pearl is utterly alone - except for the postman, the local crows, and memories of the summer of 1976.

Teenager Connor Matthews feels like a stranger in his own home.

Since his mother's death he's been adrift from his remaining family, troubled by the reality of moving on, and unable to see a future ahead. But when Connor begins a summer job as Pearl's gardener, an unexpected friendship opens the door to a fresh start for them both. If only Pearl and Connor can take the first steps . . .

Reasons To Go Outside publishes today but it’s not one that I’ve seen a lot about in my feeds, either on here or on Twitter/Bookstagram.

On Monday I received a message from Esme asking if I’d like to read it and as soon as I looked at the synopsis i knew I wanted a copy. It arrived on Tuesday and although I was already half way through a book I sat down and read the first couple of chapters, I haven’t had a chance to read it all yet as I already had some commitments but this is up at the top of my TBR.

Even from those first few chapters I knew this was a book I wanted to share with you guys so I went back to Esme to ask if I could possibly share the opening chapters, happily, Hachette have agreed and have reproduced them for us here

I’d love to hear what you think of it


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