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Book Tour: How To Destroy Your Husband by Jess Kitching

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Book Tour: How To Destroy Your Husband by Jess KitchingHow To Destroy Your Husband by Jess Kitching
Published by Kingsley on 23 October 2022
Pages: 359
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Cassie Edwards swore she’d never fall in love… then she met Jamie. He changed everything, and Cassie’s never been happier.

But with less than one month to go to her wedding, Cassie discovers Jamie is cheating on her with his colleague. Blinded by rage, Cassie makes it her mission to seek revenge on the pair.

When Cassie looks deeper into her fiancé’s life, she soon realises being faithful isn’t the only thing he’s lying about.

As her hunt for the truth takes her to some of the darkest corners of the internet, Cassie learns just how little she knows about the man she shares her life with. It leaves her wondering one thing – is Jamie someone she should destroy, or someone she should fear instead?

How far would you go to destroy your husband?

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Have you ever been cheated on?

Did you fantasise about how you would show him for a liar and a cheat in front of all his friends and family?

Did you want to plot his downfall?

Could you have seen it through?

When Cassie finds out that her fiance is cheating on her she does what everyone who’s been in her situation dreams of. She doesn’t cancel her wedding. She doesn’t sit sobbing into a vat of icecream washed down with a bucket of wine. No. She plots revenge. And its amazing and scary and wonderful and awful.

When she goes to investigate more about Jamie’s affair with a plan to call him out on their wedding day, Cassie learns that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This has some amazing twists, some I saw coming, others left me open mouthed.

This will make you question just how well you know the people in your life, how far you’d go to get revenge and ultimately, whether it’s worth it or you’d have just been better cutting all ties and making a run for it.